Storytelling For Innovation Course

Learn how to adapt your motion design skills to the innovation industry

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Come learn why the innovation industry needs a different storytelling process and why you need a different workflow. I’ll be sharing what makes a good story for human-centered design projects, how to scope and structure your stories to protect yourself from the inevitable, constant changes that will come your way, how to interact with the client so that you can quickly get the info you need to create compelling stories, and much more!

This course is right for you if you are…

…tired of being on the motion design hamster wheel pumping out work for advertising, marketing or entertainment clients.

…wanting to switch over to this flexible, work-life balance enabling, low-fidelity way of using your motion design skillset to serve the innovation industry, but not sure how to do it.

…looking to up level your storytelling skills in general and wanting to learn my unique process for scriptwriting, storyboarding, animatics…etc. to ensure that you’re telling the right kind of stories for your innovation clients.

…wanting to quickly learn what should go in your portfolio and how to get high-paying freelance gigs doing this work for human-centered design projects in the innovation industry.

Sample Topics We Will Cover in this Course

• The workflow and process that will allow you to create with ease while working with the innovation industry (*hint, they don’t play by the rules).

• My unique process on how to write a compelling script for this type of work, craft a storyboard and create an animatic that will set you up to create heart-felt stories all while accommodating changes.

• Exercises to get better at the most common things asked of us (insights videos, experience storyboards & vision of the future animations) that will build your portfolio in a way that will attract these types of clients.

• How to shift your mindset to claim your position of power in this industry, sell yourself as an all-in-one offering, and get gigs that people might not even know they need.

• The business side of being a Freelancer in the innovation world (sales calls, making quotes, production schedules, email interactions, key touch-points in the process where you need to be live on a call, what to do if you need to push back on scope creep…etc.)


“Not only did Leeanne blow my mind with her knowledge of this niche clientele, but she is a wonderful teacher who really takes her time to go step by step through the process of working with these industry professionals. These clients are different and I recommend this course highly for everything, but mostly this: You have never created content like this before and will definitely waste energy perfecting your content for the innovation industry if you don’t learn first what they are looking for.”

Alexis Keenan, Video Production / Motion Graphics / Editor / Drone

“I was already serving up motion design to a niche space but “storytelling for the innovation industry” REALLY caught my attention. The program was well paced and brought much clarity about this industry and it’s needs. It came with easy to follow systems that made this new career niche seem very possible to dive into. Leeanne is also a fantastic teacher!! …definitely a course worth investing if you’re looking to serve in this space!”

-Phil Lashley, Motion Design Guide

“For the last few years I’ve been specializing in making explainer and marketing videos. I think this program will definitely help me transfer my previous experience to working with a new kind of client in the innovation industry. I loved the specific information Leeanne shared about how innovation teams work, how to handle pricing, schedules, and managing these kinds of projects. This was a great program full of specific, actionable advice.”

Frank Walters, Motion Designer / Illustrator

“I thought my motion design career was limited by my age and the fact that I had come to motion later in life, but Leeanne’s class helped me see that there were other possibilities to combine my graphic design experience, my motion knowledge and even my English literature degree to produce something that is truly valued.”  

-Matilda Luk, Motion Designer


I’m just starting out in my career, is this program right for me?

I will say, you will have an advantage is you already know how to design and animate, however, if you’re just looking to get a lay of the land of this niche and what is available to you, this course will give you a great foundation. The unique skillset you will learn in this course will set you apart and give you everything you need to fast-track your success. If you are an illustrator, motion designer or any other creative soul wanting to pivot into a low-fidelity, flexible way of using your skills to serve innovation clients, this course is for you!

How much time should I plan to commit?

There are 10 modules and they are each about 1 hour long. Depending on the speed you digest the content, I would estimate reserving 10-15 hours to watch the material with an additional 8 hours to do the homework / exercises.

How much access do I get to the instructor (Leeanne)

This is a self-led course, but in the future I might add an option that will include office hours with me.

When will the course be available?

I was hoping for summer 2023…but this is taking longer than I thought, sorry everyone! The course probably won’t officially come out until 2024.

Will you be teaching us how to draw and animate?

No, not in this program. If you’re looking for in-depth tutorials to learn how to design assets and animate, this is NOT the course for that. I recommend School of Motion, Skillshare or other Online tutorials for that. In this course, I’m helping you understand the unique needs of the innovation industry and how to adapt your skillset to get these types of clients and have a solid process to work in this way with ease.

I have a question that you didn’t answer here, what should I do?

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